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** Last Summerlicious of the season **

After a busy day of work Adrian and I headed to our Summerlicious dinner at Luma, owned by the Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants. Luma is located in the financial district right above Canteen on King & John and inside the TIFF Bell Lightbox. We made reservations before hand and after requesting a table out in the patio we were taken to our table and our glasses were filled with water right away.

Dinner was set to $35 and we knew before hand what exactly we wanted on the menu. Our waitress was really friendly and genuine but it took her too long to take our orders. I decided to have wine with my meal except I wasn't excited about the wine that was paired with my entree. Instead I asked for a more summery and light white wine. She suggested one from Portugal and I loved it. 

Complimentary bread and artichoke drip for our table came right after and we guessed to make up for our waitress taking too long to come to our table. We really liked the dip and so far so good.

By the time we finished the bread and dip, our appetizers came. Adrian had the Albacore Tuna Sashimi picture above. He said it was just okay, the sashimi was too warm for his liking - he prefers sashimi to be cold. I had the Chilled Sweet Corn  + Onion Soup with avocado and crab. Delicious. I was pleasantly surprised. Cold corn soup? Man I have to try this at home. But I have to say that the avocado did not do anything for the dish - I think they could have done without it.  

Besides the Summerlicious option, Adrian wanted to try the truffle parmesan fries which was really good. He practically ate everything and didn't share! 

For our entrees I ordered the Artic Char with quinoa salad, orange, fennel and lemon vinaigrette (pictured left) and Adrian went with Roasted Chicken Breast with summer squash, herbed mashed potatoes and roasted chicken jus (pictured right). Adrian really enjoyed his chicken. He said it was moist and cooked perfectly. He also gushed about the mashed potatoes - which had a tint of green to it - I think it was his favourite. My char was okay. It had such a strong fish taste and it was bugging me. I wish they drizzled a lot more orange glaze because it paired perfectly together. My entree was just okay. 

Our waitress made sure to check on us and asked us if we were enjoying our meal. Our empty dishes were cleared right away but they forgot to refill our glasses with water. 

For dessert Adrian and I both ordered the Creme Fraiche Parfait with strawberry and lemon crumble. Delicious. Adrian enjoyed it so much. It had a consistency of mousse but after a while it reminded me of strawberry yogurt and at one point I may have told Adrian that it was probably yogurt whipped with some cream. We enjoyed it regardless! 

We really really enjoyed our meals but service can be a bit slow and they can certainly improve - I wouldn't order the Artic Char again though, such a strong fish taste! The atmosphere is chic and modern. We've decided to come back and try out the rest of their menu. I mean they are owned by Oliver and Bonacini - nothing short than perfect! We definitely recommended Luma so if you're ever in the area, check it out! 

Summerlicious Menu Rating:
Atmosphere & Decor: 5/5 |  Service: 3.5/5 | Food: 4/5.5

TIFF Bell Lightbox, 2nd Floor
350 King St. West, Reitman Square

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