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Real Neapolitan Pizza ~ Pizzeria Libretto Review

If you live in Toronto you know that there are so many neighbourhoods with amazing restaurants and cafés. The Danforth area, also known as Toronto's Greektown, is one of them and in this lovely neighbourhood lies a gem called Pizzeria Libretto.

After a busy week of interning, working and getting back into routine after the long weekend, Adrian and I had a wonderful Saturday dining along Danforth. After passing Pizzeria Libretto several times in the past and reading great reviews, we decided to try it out. The hostess asked us if we had reservations in which I replied no but asked if we could sit outside since a couple had just left. She said okay and was off preparing our table.

We were seated in the patio in less than five minutes. The patio is small though and if I can recall correctly it can seat only six pairs, so twelve guests - I wished it were bigger. Our waitress acknowledged us shortly after. We ordered our drinks first which was simply water. But it took a bit too long for it to be delivered, in fact we had placed our order before our water even came. The bottle the water came in was really cute though, I smiled at the simple detail.

We decided that we were going to share a meal so we began with the Beet Caprese Salad - Ontario heirloom beets, fiore di latte, basil, with white balsamic vinaigrette. This was delicious. Adrian and I really enjoyed it. I was not expecting the beet and fiore di latte - mozzarella - to go well together. But together it created great texture and flavour.

For our main we went with the House-made Sausage - caramelized onion, mozzarella, and chili oil. When it came out it was medium sized and sliced into four. I was expecting sliced sausages but instead it was just meat pieces. Regardless, we enjoyed this. It was thin, cheesy and just enough meat. The chili oil came on the side so I drizzled my slice with it. It added a bit of spice but not too hot.

Looking around other people's tables I noticed that everyone had their own pizza. One pizza is good enough to fill one person. Adrian and I had two big slices each. I was stuffed (small stomach over here) and he obviously had room for more. So when dining here I suggest having a whole pizza to yourself if you can eat and share a pizza with another small-stomached person.

- Rating -

Atmosphere:  4.5/5
  • Trendy and modern interior, Adrian said the dining area downstairs looked great but short .5 from perfect because the patio's a bit small.
 Service: 3.5/5
  • Hostess was quick to seat us but waitress took long to serve us. Our waitress checked on us once after our dishes were served then midway through we may have had a new server since our waitress did not come back to our table. Waiting for our bill took longer than it should have.
 Food: 5/5
  • Appetizer was delicious and our pizza was tasty and cooked perfectly. Adrian and I really enjoyed our meal.
If you're ever in the Danforth area or like pizza, make sure to check out Pizzeria Libretto. I suggest making reservations even if you're a party of two because this place is quite popular and a line up can form. They also have a location in the Ossington area. We plan on returning to try the Grande Piatto and another delicious Neapolitan pizza!

          Pizzeria Libretto
221 Ossington Ave.    OR       550 Danforth Ave.
Toronto, ON.                         Toronto, ON.
416.532.8000                        416.466.0400


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