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Sunday Funday {Cibo Wine Bar ~ Review}

Adrian and I had a packed Sunday schedule so we decided to start the day with brunch. Last week we passed by a restaurant called Cibo Wine Bar and noticed a lot of diners inside and out in the patio. For Sunday brunch I decided we try about Cibo on King West and let me tell you, we were not disappointed at all.

Don't laugh but I thought someone left their scooter parked illegally outside the restaurant... I later found out that it was part of the restaurant's decor which is pretty cool.

I made reservations for 11:30 but didn't quite get their on time. I called just to let them know and they were totally cool with it. We got there at noon, was greeted by a man named Sal - who I'm pretty sure was the Manager - asked for the patio and we were seated. 

When you first enter Cibo you are greeted with a tall glass case filled with wine, row on row, and the reception's desk smack in the middle. It was so chic and clean, Adrian and I were in awe. But don't be too captivated because you'll miss the skull head glass jars on the sides of the walls! I've always wanted one as a coin jar.

Now the patio is pretty  impressive. Spacious and modern. Something about it makes it better then the patios across the street. I opted for the bench tables where the sun was facing ~ Adrian got a sunburn. He was totally unimpressed with my choice, haha.

Two minutes after being seated a waitress named Emily introduced herself. She was accompanied by another waiter who she was training.- I forgot his name but he was very pleasant. Emily took down our drink orders, orange juice and water, and suggested some brunch options. She came back right away with our drinks and took our brunch order.

After a while Emily came back to deliver us our house bread plus La Basketta on the house because the Chef wanted us to try it. Okay no problem! The La Basketta comes with Brioche, cornetto, toasted Italian bread with jam, butter & nutella ~ we opted just for the jam & butter because of Adrian's allergy to all nuts.

Listen if you don't know about butter & jam, your breakfast and brunch must be boring! The bread at our table were all baked fresh, totally straight out of the oven. And there's something about Cibo's butter and jam that is just too good, in fact I'll even come just for the La Basketta.

During the bread craze, the Pomodori was delivered. Seasonal tomatoes, Mozzarella di bufala, extra-virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar. It looks quite simple but trust me the hefty slice of mozzarella was appreciated it.

After our table was cleared our Lobster Cannelloni was served. Stuffed crepe with aged ricotta cheese, lobster, spinach and pink sauce. Delicious, delicious, delicious. The lobster stuffing was so fresh and the combination of lobster and herbs was so well done. The lobster's are so fresh Emily told me how a live they are in the back! And whatever the pink sauce was, it was so damn tasty. My new favourite!

A few minutes after our lobster goodness, Emily brought out our Pizza. Mozzarella, spicy Italian sausage, diced tomato and two eggs. I was hesitant about the cracked eggs in the center but surprisingly it worked. The wood burning oven created such a tasty pizza and Adrian ate mostly all of it. How nice.

After the pizza we were stuffed! I really wanted dessert but sadly there was just no more room. 

Decor, decor, decor! Cibo is such a beautiful restaurant. The decor is simple and clean yet very chic. The details are modern and trendy and every piece works with the design as a whole. The arch way to the private room is my favourite. The wall, the arch, the door and even the graffiti mural on the way to the washroom is exquisite. Once you've appreciated the designs, you can tell how much care, time and thought was put into it.

Adrian and I really enjoyed our brunch date. The waiters were very friendly, attentive and took the time to check up on us. I appreciated that they made sure we were enjoying our meal. Our food were prepared fresh - saw them making our pizza - and were created to have just the right amount of taste and flavour. There was nothing that had too much or not enough of something. The Le Basketta and Lobster Cannelloni were my favourite and something I'd enjoy again.

I'd also like to thank Sal who took the time to chat with us and check up on us - not a lot of managers do this or are genuinely friendly and as courteous as him or even introduce themselves! So thank you, it was such a pleasure and a great experience!

If you're ever in the King West area, make sure to check out Cibo. You won't regret it. Adrian and I decided to visit Cibo again for dinner!

 Cibo Wine Bar
Atmosphere & Decor: 5/5 |  Service: 5/5 | Food: 5/5

Cibo Wine Bar
522 King St. W
Website: Cibo Wine Bar

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  1. I'm so happy to read this review! I work at Ciao Wine Bar and Sal used to manage that restaurant, and he is easily the best manager I've ever had. I'm happy to know he is still working his magic over at Cibo. We do the same brunch at Ciao, so I can relate to all the details.

    1. Thanks Chris! And if that's the case, Ciao Wine Bar is on my list of "to go" places!